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Homes Made Easy

With HOMES MADE EASY, you have a COMPLETE cross-platform system with YOUR OWN BESPOKE MOBILE APP.

Your prospects are able to continue their seamless research with you. Creating the opportunity to retain more clients still on their journey of purchase.

2-month free trial, and special introductory rates, of their mobile app platform that helps you understand and engage your clients’ needs.


You have a free training session to see how HOMES MADE EASY can quickly impact your agency. Our experienced account managers will help and guide you through the main functionalities.

Key Currency

Save your clients money and earn a commission with our Key Currency affiliate program.

Key Currency offer 0.3% of the total amount of money transferred by all the clients you have registered through their service.

Key Currency can save your clients money by offering more competitive rates of exchange than Spanish banks. For your clients we guarantee to beat the banks exchange rate. We can assist buyers and sellers alike. We save your clients on sending and receiving fees as we do not charge any fees and we are able to deposit vendors drafts free of charge saving them anywhere between 1.5-5% dependant on who they bank with.

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