Launching in the Costa Blanca!

Re-Sales Online is excited to announce the launch of our

premium Multi-Listing-System platform on the Costa Blanca this July!


Resales Online has been recognized as the leading Multi-Listing-System platform on the Costa del Sol for over the past decade, with over 1,400 local and international property agencies using the system on a daily basis to help them optimize their sales processes.


This proven and highly successful system will be introduced to real estate agencies across the Costa Blanca, with an expected launch date this November 2022.

Seeking Agent Feedback

We are now contacting directly with established real estate agents on the Costa Blanca during the pre-launch period, to seek feedback, ideas and thoughts on what is needed from an MLS platform, from the perspective of the local agents.

By speaking with agents across Costa Blanca during pre-launch, we aim go get a better understanding of how to tailor our premium MLS platform to ensure the very best product offering in this area.


In return, we will offer some great participation options for the agents that help us with their thoughts and feedback during the Pre-Launch, ensuring a win-win for both parties and a great partnership from the very start of our campaign.


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Please use the following code to receive your discounted rate for the Costa Blanca launch:
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Christian Dias

Re-Sale Online MLS platform offers Real Estate Agents:

  • Access more properties for your clients or more clients for your properties.
  • “Best-in-Class” Real estate management software and a business-to-business multi-listings service.
  • Increased buying and selling potential, working directly with other local agents.
  • Over 40 modern “Window Card” display options.
  • Yes! Send your client's listings via WhatsApp – with your branding on the mobile friendly web pages!
  • Increased revenue and earning potential – Proven!
  • Reduced purchasing time cycles – increased sales efficiency.


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