With more and more new build and resale properties entering a booming market, Top Spot marketing places your development at the top of every targeted search result for new developments and resale properties.

Ensure your development becomes the most viewed project on our platform which has over 1200 real estate agencies and over 4000 agents and daily users, all across the Costa del Sol.

There is quite literally no other better place to promote your developments, to more active buyers, with a guaranteed 500% increase in exposure, than Top Spots.

We have tailor-made our top spots to ensure you receive a minimum of a five fold increase in search result exposure, placing you in the top position of every search for new build units OR resales.

If we do not generate you a five fold increase in search traffic impressions we will extend your placement, free of charge, by 50%. Some developments will see more than 3000% increases in impressions.

What are Top-Spots?

Top-Spots are new development listings that have been sponsored to give them a higher level of visibility.

Where will I see Top-Spots?

Top-Spots will appear in the top positions of the ReSales Online search results.

When does a Top-Spot appear?

It will appear whenever an agency searches for a property in the developments region and surrounding areas.

What does a Top-Spot look like?

Similar to a standard property listing but with a blue border and the words “SPONSORED TOP-SPOT” in the top right corner

What level of search traffic will I see and what will you guarantee?

We guarantee you will see a minimum of a five fold increase in search traffic impressions per month across the total development. Or we give you a 50% time bonus extension.

Every time your new development is seen by a ReSales-Online user it is being seen by a real estate professional whose clients’ requirements match your properties.

Now we offer you the chance to increase these “Super-Impressions” with sponsored Top-Spots.

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Rate Card Monthly Costs:

  • 1 Month - € 2500
  • 2 Months - € 4000
  • 3 Months - € 5000

** 15% Discount for second development
** 30% Discount for third development

Payment conditions:

  • Top-Spots are paid for in advance, upon contract.
  • Prices do not include IVA.
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